HELLO, HI, 안녕 -

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First meetings are almost always awkward!

One seems to run out of things to say pretty quickly. It had always been that way for me at least... and then I learned something. Let me tell you a little about myself. About where the roots of THINKMERMAID came from.  One fine afternoon in 2009 I came face to face with something that would change my life forever. Something that changed not just the way I view things but became a lifestyle. It changed me forever ( I would NEVER go back).  I got a taste of a drug that I would be hooked on for life ... (drum-roll).... K-POP 


I played this song so much over the course of one week that my parents started humming to it. I NEEDED MORE! AND PRONTO! 

We meet my first FANDOM 

I became an E.L.F.  YOUTUBE playlist I thank you ! I found SUJU. SORRY SORRY was amazing. I still play that song now. But It's you had me head-over-heels and my first Bias was born long before I knew it. As one wise person once said "All I wanted to know was their names." Specifically one.  That is when my sleep patterns changed. I understood what an attack of the feels was. I watched them on the Super Junior Show and I just fell in love with these dorks.  I have laughed and cried with them. A true roller-coaster of emotions but oh so worth it!



After a couple of sleepless nights I found the ones I could understand on a spiritual level.  There are no words to describe the admiration I have for them. They are role models. They are different and they thrive on it. I saw how hard they worked to get to where they wanted to be. Now I am trying to achieve something I always wanted to do. Let me introduce you to BIGBANG. 


I love BIGBANG as a whole but like in mostly every group there is one or, if you are like me, two or three bias'. Mr. TOP will always be the most gorgeous looking man alive. GD  is just whoa! He is an inspiration. A true artist. Most important of all they have worked so hard to be where they are. My love for GD went beyond anything else when I heard A BOYI could feel his pain. I learned that no matter who said I was odd I should really just be me, no matter who hates. I am a VIP for life!!

As time went by I became more involved and I started to meet people who LOVED and were PASSIONATE about this life of KPOP. Now, i'm still super awkward... i try not to be. But what you gonna do, you know. Anyway, when I meet new people that love KPOP conversation never runs out!!!! 

This is where THINKMERMAID started. Without a name just a love and passion. Something I did not know I needed in life. Now it comes alive. 

Let me know in the comments section: how did you get into K-POP?